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Historic Swale is an umbrella organisation set up to showcase the diverse and fascinating heritage of the Swale area.

Swale is an area of North Kent with a deceptively rich history. The towns of Sheerness, Sittingbourne and Faversham are only the beginning!

If you are a visitor please explore this site to find our museums, historic buildings and heritage attractions.

If you are local and looking to get involved, then there will be something for you here too!

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Rose Street Cottage of Curiosities, Sheerness

rose street cottage

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The Maison Dieu

maison dieu

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Did You Know ?

The "Isles" of Sheppey

Sheppey map small

Today's island was historically known as the "Isles of Sheppey" which were Sheppey itself, the Isle of Harty to the south east and the Isle of Elmley to the south west.

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