Historic Swale has developed as an organisation to help meet the needs of its member organisations. We are a registered charity, and the overall aim is to aid members to collectively promote Swale as a Heritage destination.

Using the Historic Swale umbrella helps with:

  • Attendance at exhibitions
  • Development of material (website, leaflets) which promotes visits to the whole district as well as individual attractions
  • Organisation of joint activities e.g. Heritage Open Days, Community Days
  • Participation in festivals (Nautical Festival, Transport Festival, Faversham Hop Festival

Other benefits include:

Provide Training, tailored, affordable and local. Topics of interest include social media, PR/media and emailing.

Providing a Strategy
Marketing strategy is required to guide, prioritise, measure and learn from individual marketing actions

Volunteer Recruitment & Retention
Guidance and best practice on marketing activities which would attract the right calibre of volunteers as well as gaining feedback from existing ones.

Sharing of Best Practice and Knowledge
This includes for example help with funding applications, development and sharing of promotional materials and details of each organisation and what they do.


Bringing History Alive...Your doorway to local history and heritage.
Provision of access to free relevant training for our volunteers.
Membership of Historic Swale shows that being part of a wider network creates opportunities.
Continuing opportunities to learn from and contribute to best practice is enhancing our offer to the public.